Want to meet the people working behind the scenes of ASB? We hear about the shenanigans that take place in the warehouse, but who are the lucky souls that bear the brunt of the chaos? Who is it that actually answers the phones and makes everything right when something goes wrong?

As part of an ongoing series, we are going to introduce the team to you. Each has their own story and brings something to the table (be it beer or booze). To start things out, we are going to introduce you to Fletcher, Operations Manger.

You may have seen or heard her referred to as “T” or “T-Rex” over the years but she actually prefers to be called “Fletcher.” Her first name has been classified since the fall of the Berlin Wall and though many have tried to pry it from her by using Nazi interrogation techniques, she, nor anyone else, will not come off the information.

Don’t be fooled by the pretty face, Fletcher was the starting place kicker in high school back in Chicago where she would practice off the field by kicking guys in the nuts for getting a little too frisky. While you may think that she sat on the sidelines during every practice just kicking, she actually participated in all aspects of football practice including hitting drills. Not only was she a football player, she also was a high school All-American in soccer and All-State in college.

A true athlete, Fletcher went to college at Appalachian State where she excelled in soccer and rugby. She was even contacted by the Athletic Director to gauge interest in her kicking for the Appalachian State Football Team. Face it guys, you may drool over her, but she will kick your ass (or nuts if facing the wrong direction) then run circles around you just for the hell of it. The only thing Fletcher fears are flying bottles of Mad Dog 20-20.

Fletcher’s current love is all things Rugby. A semi-pro player in Raleigh for the RRFC Venom, Fletcher also plays on numerous, invitation only, All-Star teams. Her natural leadership abilities are very apparent on the pitch which carries into her personal life as operations manager for RU. Fletcher is one of the driving forces behind the American Sin Bin rugby brand recently introduced by Ranger Up.

Like most of the crew at RU, Fletcher started as a t-shirt folder, not really that exciting but a job none the less. Her solid work ethic was noticed and she has been climbing the ladder ever since. According to Fletcher “I love working at American Sin Bin. We're such a close knit group of people that it’s like we’re family. And not a dysfunctional, incestuous one, but a really hard working, hard playing, drunken, bruised-up one." 

Fletcher is driven by the fact that she wants American Sin Bin to be the synonymous with American Rugby; not in the terms of sales but by what the company, and she in particular, can do for the sport as a whole. This is her personal motivation for everything she does with the American Sin Bin brand. And, there is no one better at designing rugby apparel than a rugger!

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