This is just one of the many adventures of my friend Tony, otherwise known as RFL (Rookie For Life)

I have this rugby buddy affectionately known as RFL or Rookie For Life due to his over the top antics and inability to learn his lesson, ever. My local team and some of my best friends on the face of the earth, The Huntington Beach Unicorns decided to once again attend the Old Boys Rugby Tournament on Catalina Island after having been banned the previous year for leaving too many empty beer cans on the elementary school playing field that served as a pitch. After a day of good friends, cold beer, tequila shots and hard hitting rugby we hit the bars in Avalon, RFL in tow. We drank, we danced, we partied and Rookie went around spreading his own unique brand of sunshine. When last seen he was riding in the back of a golf cart heading to the home of some new friends he made over the course of the evening. Much later that night I got a phone call asking me if I knew someone named “Tony” and if so, could I send someone to come and get him. My initial thought was “Uh oh. What has he done this time”?

   Apparently RFL needed to use the restroom and while he was in there he removed all of his clothing, with the exception of one sock. He returned to the couple’s living room and sat down nonchalantly on the sofa while they stared at him open mouthed. After a few minutes he smiled at them, leaned forward and said, “I know what’s freaking you out. It’s the sock, isn't it”?



Kristen Ross

"Irish Mist"

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