The Rookie wants to sing a verse!
It was the very first season of women's rugby at Saginaw Valley State University in MI and the first game I got to play in was at a tournament that may have been called SnowBall. As I remember it, the team we were playing was only one or two tries ahead of us and at the half our coach told us that no matter what we do, DO NOT let anyone run past us. I was playing wing and not getting a lot of action until the ball came out to the wing I was defending. I had the mantra running through my head that she "shall not pass" and anything we might have learned about tackling slipped quietly out of my mind. I ran full speed straight on to this girl, and about a yard away from her I started thinking "oh sh*t! what am I supposed to do here?!" We collided in a cartoon manner, hitting face to face nearly standing up and then we both bounced backward and hit the ground. 

I was out for the rest of the game with a goose egg on my forehead – and to make matters worse, at the social, I kept holding my cold beverage on my forehead without knowing that this was a signal that I wanted to start a song. 

Lindsey Riddel


Lebron James

This story is relatively short – just like me and this day of rugby I'm about to tell you about. My team went to the Ashville 7s tournament this summer and made it to the championship. Well, there was some down time because of rain and I got bored, so I decided to play some basketball on a nearby court. I ended up running into a metal pole, splitting my head open and I couldn't play in the championship game. Went to a rugby tournament and split my head open playing basketball. 

 Keta Sutton

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