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39th Annual Cape Fear Tournament

Picture it: Wilmington, North Carolina, 2013. Fifty-nine teams of rugby players from all points in the country – and even international locales – descend upon the city, the beaches, and the five pitches at Ogden Park to take part in the 39th Annual Cape Fear 7s tournament.



Could you imagine anything more exciting? No? Well neither could American Sin Bin.


We knew it would be a great time. After all, you don’t get to 39 successful tournaments by accident. There’s got to be lots of teams, good rugby, and at least a couple of organized people in charge. Cape Fear 7s is a huge event and is a great example of a well-run tournament.


After getting into a t-shirt printing frenzy, we packed up the goods and headed to Wilmington as the official t-shirt sponsor and supplier for Cape Fear 7s. ASB was thrilled to be able to provide the shirts (and bro tanks – a special item this year) that rugby players would rock for years to come. Sure, we were going to sell t-shirts, but we were there to play some rugby too. ASB is all about the game so it was only natural to have a team sponsored under the ASB name and comprised of rugger employees and players in and around the area.


We were excited from the moment we arrived at the fields on Friday afternoon to put up the tent and have a quick run through to work the game plan. And when Saturday morning rolled around, it was non-stop excitement. We were glad to have so many people in and out of the tent, checking out merchandise, purchasing the bright tournament t-shirt, getting hooked up with some great swag, and chatting up the ASB crew.


It was great talking with other rugby players about the American Sin Bin brand, about the ideas behind the t-shirts, as well as the games going on – and we even heard some great ideas from people who drifted into the tent to have a look.


We think there’s more of a “get it” factor that exists when the people that are selling you merchandise play the same sport you play. American Sin Bin knows the feelings that come along with the game – victory, defeat, nagging injuries, and the unparalleled camaraderie. We couldn’t be happier to be an apparel supplier for the greatest game in the world and look forward to many more years of tournaments to come.



In Rugby, 


Candace Hall

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